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Visa Services in Essen and Online

Order your visa online or at our Visa Service in Essen (Germany)

Send us your documents
and passport by post, or drop them off at our Visa Service in Essen (Germany)

Processing your application
and compliance with the competent authorities, embassies, consulates and partners
Receive your visa at home
by secure mail or you can collect your visa yourself from our Visa Service in Essen (Germany).

Mintang Corporate Services based in Essen (Germany) is active in the facilitation of IT and regular procedures for visa and passport applications.
Our goal is to help visa and passport applicants by processing applications before forwarding them to the competent authorities by minimizing application rejections in the various platforms. This also allows applicants to save more time and money, and to avoid lengthy appointments at embassies and consulate.

Why apply for your visa at Mintang Corporate Services?

Proximity: We are based in Essen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous federal state with nearly 18 million inhabitants and the most industrialized in Germany, 532 km from Berlin, 238 km from Brussels, 226 Km from The Hague and 560 Km from Paris, and we made this choice because we believe that proximity is an essential element of online and on-site visa services.

Speed: We process your visa application in an accelerated manner, avoiding: travel, restrictive schedules and queues at embassies and consulates.

Database: We put a regularly updated database online with the formalities for obtaining your visa.

Expertise: We provide you with a team of visa experts who will review your application before submitting it to the Embassy.

Confidentiality: We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and use of your personal information and documents in connection with the visa application.

What types of visas are there for your travels?

Visas differ not only on the basis of the purpose of travel, but also in terms of their validity period.

- Transit visa
- Tourist visa
- Visitor visa
- Business visa
- Visa for family visit
- Crew visa
- Work visa
- Journalist visa
- Humanitarian Visa
- Cultural visa
- Group visa
- Esta
- Intern Visa
- Student visa
- Expert visa
- Research visa
- permanent visa
- Long-term visa

Visa services for Africa

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Your service provider for visa, passport, translation, authentication, consular affairs, shipping.

Welcome to Mintang Corporate Services, your consular service provider for your visa, passport and other embassy formalities. Our translation services for diplomas, licences, certificates and authentications with apostille.

You want to travel to Cameroon, Africa and all over the world, we take care of your flight booking, accommodation, car rental and travel insurance.

You have parcels to send to Cameroon, we guarantee groupage and express shipping. We ship your vehicle with or without a container. The machines and other machines are delivered to Douala or Yaoundé just as quickly as the packages without any further customs duties.

Our destinations:

Cameroon | Gabon | Congo | Equatorial Guinea | Chad | Central African Republic | Nigeria | Nigeria | Sao Tome and Principe | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Guinea | Guinea-Bissau | Gambia | Ghana | Mali | Angola | Ivory Coast | Benin | Togo | Burundi | Rwanda | Senegal